Protection dogs


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Dogs for security workers

With the use of a trained dog, every danger to the security worker is minimized !!!

Purpose of dressed dogs for the security of various objects

In the main all State Institutions (police, customs, military, etc.) use trained official dogs for various tasks and for security. Our team has more than 30 years of experience in dressing and breeding official dogs.

With the great help of the trained dogs the risk factor of any type is reduced to a minimum!

Their ability:

1. A skilled worker acquires a psychic advantage with a trained dog and is therefore more brave and safer.

2. Refutes an attacker from his intention to do anything

3. Reports every new situation that arises

4. Instead of firearms, a dressed dog is used to defend the attacker. Hence, firearms must not be used.

5. Perfectly susceptible to any attack by active defense and force the attacker to reasonably behaving (an attack can be with a basket or without a basket).

6. Searching for rooms or terrains find a hidden face and appear

7. The dog attack has a paralyzing effect on the attacker

8. They help with the implementation

9. There is a possibility that a caught person starts to run away and the dog will catch and hold it until the worker

10. They are most obedient from near to far distances.

11. They do not buy food from the unknown

12. Listen to the command of the guide

15. Dog bite is very painful and leaves grave injuries, but in relation to a fired shot that can end up fatal, it is better to use a dog. a bullet that has been fired can not be stopped while a trained dog can be stopped and at the last moment, if the attacker surrenders.