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Phil Lowe
Alabama USA·

I was looking for a protection dog for my family because we do a lot of traveling and we also live out in the country. I was a little hesitant about traveling such a long way to pick up one. After speaking with Mario and telling him what I was looking for he told me he had the dog that fit my needs. I couldn’t have asked for better. Upon arriving Mario made me feel very welcomed. He spent the better part of the week with me teaching me how to handle my dog and answering anything I could think of. He picked out the perfect one for me and the family.She is calm with the children and is a great companion. I am glad I took his advice. Money and time well spent my wife has already asked when we are getting another one.


Mario is a very patient and attentive trainer. He is always at the service, whether it's training or keeping. My Aria learned basic commands with him, although he is still a puppy, and I see he always loves to go with him. I do not care when I leave it there because I know that it will take good care and work with it.
Professional level.
Wide recommendations not only for training but also for choosing dogs and for tips.

Karolina, the owner of the German Shepherd Arie

Karolina ,vlasnica Nemačkog Ovčara Arie


When we bought a little American staffordshire terrier and decided that when the time comes, we will find a good dog trainer who will help us with dressage. We discussed with the acquaintance who is the best and so we came to Mr. Mario Sefcic. We did not repent because he is really very devoted to his profession. He worked long with our dog, which in the meantime developed into a beautiful, well-educated dog! We recommended Mr. Sefcic and our friends who were also very satisfied with dressage!


When walks with our American Stafford Terrier Caesar became impossible due to disobedience, we decided to train and invited Mario, who with much patience and understanding sent us into details of the training. We quickly trained and started. Mario has a very good approach and Caesar quickly loved him. The beginning of the training was not easy for Mario, but he did not give up at any time and we quickly noticed the changes in the comforts of our dog. Every time we rejoiced, we and Caesar were rejoicing. Very soon Caesar became a good and good dog, and then the line came to us. Mario has helped us a lot to learn how to be dog authority and soon our hikes have become the way we imagined them when we bought a dog. There was no more twitching of a leash, running for a ball, other dogs and so on.All in all, we are very satisfied with the training and we would warmly recommend it to everyone.