Dog prices


Prices for trained dogs

Characteristics Personal protection K9 / Family protection K9  Non-compliance guard K9 Guard K9 / Bluff K9 Obedient trained K9 Working Line puppies
Highly obedient ✔️ ✔️   ✔️  
Attacks on command ✔️        
Fully sociable ✔️        
Family companion ✔️     ✔️ ✔️
Attacks without command   ✔️      
Highly agressive   ✔️      
One handler   ✔️      
Highly suspicious     ✔️    
Alert dog     ✔️    
Shows aggression     ✔️    
Works on his own     ✔️    
Basic obedience     ✔️    
Potential civil training         ✔️
Sport         ✔️
Price starting from: 8.500 EUR 3.000 EUR 2.500 EUR 2.000 EUR 1.500 EUR


All of the above services do not include shipping prices. We can ship anywhere in the world at competitive rates, so please contact us for a shipping quote to your country.

If we do not have the breed or dog of your choice, please contact us. We can source any breed that you require.

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