Bed bugs K-9 detection

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Bed bugs K-9 detection

Bed bugs K-9 detection

In order to successfully destroy any problems with the stench, you must first start with proper identification. Adult Bed Bugs can be easily detected in visual search; However, due to their size, nymphs and eggs can be almost impossible to recognize. Here comes our K-9 detection team! We use specially trained dogs to search for any room or structure for the presence of beet stenosis. All of our dogs are highly qualified and extremely accurate.

Why use a K-9 detection dog?
K-9 are known for the extreme fragrance of decades. Dogs are regularly used in law enforcement and various other government agencies around the world. Time and time have again proved to be a valuable means of detecting illegal drugs, cell phones in prisons, human cancer cells, explosives, and even bed bugs.

What are the Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny little pests, barley visible to the human eye, that love to live in bedrooms. Here, they can come out at night and feast on your blood. Bed bugs require blood to stay alive, and so those infested with bed bugs wake up with new bite marks all over their body each morning. It is so hard to kill bed bugs because there are rather hardy. Plus, adult bed bugs can go up to five months without a blood meal. Normally, bed bugs feed every three to seven days. Yet, population sizes can grow so large it feels like you’re waking up with new bites every morning.

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